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Kaiser Story


Kaiser Story


Join us in Philipsburg at the Historic Kaiser Hotel offering four unique rooms embracing our small mining town's history

Visit Philipsburg for your next Montana Vacation

Our Story

The Kaiser House was constructed by Michael Kaiser. Construction started in 1878 and was completed in 1881. The original use was a very famous and fine restaurant on the main floor and a hotel on the second floor. The basement was used as a billiard and card playing area. It was the place to stay in Philipsburg in its time. People would travel from afar just to stay at the grand Kaiser House.

The Kaiser House rivaled even the finest hotels in Helena. Gambling was very popular and John Kaiser, being an honest and trusted dealer, often stayed up several days straight to deal poker.

The Kaiser House was a vital part of the City of Philipsburg, which was a thriving mining community in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Over time, the building has seen multiple uses. It served as the Redmen’s Hall for several years and the VFW facility in the 1950’s.

As one of the oldest masonry buildings in Philipsburg, Kaiser House is located on the corner of Broadway and Montgomery streets in the center of the historical district.

The original hotel had a wraparound balcony that was restored in 2004. A full balcony was placed in the front on Broadway and individual balconies were constructed in front of each second floor door on N. Montgomery Street. The second story French doors, matching windows below, and four Norman arched double doors with fan transoms are all original and preserved. The brick masonry structure has been preserved.

This building has now been restored and renovated to return the second floor to its original function—a fine lodging facility. Great care and effort was taken during the restoration to preserve original architecture and to provide a facility that is uniquely vintage of that era.

To explore & discover more about Philipsburg or our National Historic District, take a look online at the Philipsburg Territory. You can even request your copy using the links at the bottom of each page of the online edition.

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